Thursday, March 29, 2007

If I was

If I was an hour of the day... it would be midnite
If I was a planet... I would be Venus
If I was a direction... I would be the curve to the left
If I was a piece of furniture... I would be a rocking chair
If I was a liquid... I would be a martini
If I was a sin... I would be wrath
If I was a rock... I would be granite (?)
If I was a tree... I would be a magnolia
If I was a fruit... I would be a starfruit
If I was a flower... I would be a tulip
If I was a musical instrument... I would be a clarinet
If I was an element... I would be oxygen
If I was color... I would be red
If I was an animal... I would be a koala
If I was a sound... I would be squealing tires as they leave forever
If I was music... I would be "I'm Gone" by Cyndi Thompson
If I was a music style... I would be new country
If I was a feeling... I would be 'restless'
If I was a book... I would be Great Expectations
If I was a food... I would be pasta
If I was a place... I would be Italy
If I was a flavor... I would be strawberry
If I was a scent... I would be Ver Wang "princess"
If I was a word... I would be 'enigmatic'
If I was a verb... I would be 'procrastinate'
If I was an object... I would be a horse saddle
If I was a part of the body... I would be really cute feet
If I was a facial expression... I would be a raised eyebrow
If I was a cartoon character... I would be Kim Possible, baby!!
If I was a movie... I would be "In Her Shoes"
If i was a form.. I would be ... ok I dont get it. does it mean form like shape, or form like paper? lol
If I was a number... I would be 2
If I was a season... I would be autumn
If I was a sentence... I would be "Get Bent"

1 comment:

carla said...

Heh! I liked a lot of your answers. (Especially squealing tires, Get Bent and horse saddle!! Priceless!)