Thursday, March 22, 2007

the drama unfolds

Ok, here is what happened over the weekend, I'm going to try to make it short….

Friday nite my bday was great, had fun, got home at 5am, it was a trip. We'll skip that story for now.

Saturday nite when I got to my bday party (an hour late) the singer says into the mic "bout time you get to your own party". We all busted out laughing, I curtsied, it was hilarious. Then, D, (L's mom) walks up to me and says "I know your ex husband… very well". And I'm like "I know you do, he used to come in here all the time". And she's like "no, not M, the other one". And I'm all "WHAT? C?" and she says yes. Well, come to find out they were on pool league and stuff together, but she didn’t know until that night, that I was the "evil bitch" he used to be married to. hahaha Anyway, she'd brought several of her friends out who ALSO are friends with him. Anyway, we get to talkin, they ask me some questions etc and I set the record straight, and we are all having a good time. Turns out he was in town, and supposed to be coming out there w/them until one of their friends (who I know well) says "don’t invite him, I'll tell you later". That is how they found out I was his ex wife. So anyway… one of his friends takes a pic of me and her on her camera phone and texts it to him. So he writes back "who is that" and she writes back "me and your ex" and he writes back, "dang she's hot". So they were texting back and forth, she asked me if I minded if he came out there and I said no. But he said he wasn’t cause he was scared I was gonna have him beat up and thrown in jail. LOL I said no I wouldn’t, and I texted him and told him that. So then he started texting me, wanting someone to come get him etc. And he ended up texting me ALL nite. Even long after I'd gone to bed, he was still texting, I got them the next morning. So… whatever, not a big deal, I didn’t really mind. I'm not gonna be his best bud or anything (lol) but we have mutual friends, I'm over what he did to me, so its all good. Well, the next day he texts me and says "who is this". So I wrote back "wrong number". And he wrote back "great peace out" and I wrote back "bye C". He knew who it was, and that was just TOO stupid for me! lol

So then Monday we go out to eat. D tells me that he was in the bar Sunday raising hell with them about giving me his number and how he hates me etc. WHAT?!?!?! He said I kept texting him etc. Well, he showed them the texts from me, but he didn’t mention it was bc he texted me first. So I pulled out my phone and showed D how many I had from him (way more than he had from me btw) and she called Ch right then (the one who'd sent him the pic etc, and also the one he was fussing at) and was like "day has like 15 texts from him, I am sitting here looking at them" and Ch was like "oh I knew he was lying" etc. So… that was pretty much the end of that drama. Except D and Ch ended up telling me that him and J got married right before she left for Korea. (stupid idiots) [J was the one he cheated on me with when they were both in korea, and she was also married and cheating on her husband with him...that husband is now a friend of mine... how ironic right?]

THEN………… last nite Desi calls me. Guess who now works for my friend T? Cs' first wife K. How do we know this? Kwas talking about me to T. How freaking pathetic is that? She and C had been divorced like 7 years… He and I have been divorced for 4 years, and we were seperated for 2 before that. Why can she not get over it? Does she have nothing else to talk about?????? Then, on top of all of that, T has K over at her house last night watching movies, and no one can figure out why I am mad about that. G (J's ex husband) tells me I have no right to be mad, and that she can talk to whomever she pleases. Is there no loyalty left in this world? Is my friendship worth no more than that to her? It just hurts my feelings, ya know?

WHY are all of these people back in my life? I don’t want them around, I don’t want anything to do with them, I thought those were bridges I'd permanently burned and now suddenly they are everywhere I turn! This is MY home, MY town, MY friends!! They aren't even FROM here, don’t they have a home they can go to? I lost my 2 best friends bc of K, and we wont even begin to talk about what I lost to C and now suddenly they are everywhere, turning up like a bad penny. I swear, I don’t know if I can take it… I might just move! lol

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carla said...

oh my goodness, that is almost funny. I never liked him ya know!