Monday, February 12, 2007

what was I thinking?

lower your weapons... do not fire.

I went out with married guy last night. i know, i know, but just listen! he and i have had several conversations the last few days, and for the first time, i felt like he was being honest with me. that he'd told me everything. they are legally seperated, have been for over a year. all they have to do is sign the papers to make it final, but they cant decide what to do. he admitted that he has tried to talking her into staying together, for the baby. he said he cant imagine not seeing his daughter every day, not being with her everyday. and i truly felt like, i had the truth. SO...

last night i went out for a friends birthday, and about 1 (yes a.m.) i talked them into going to the big club downtown. i knew that we'd all know a lot of people there, and i guess to some extent i was hoping he'd be there. he was. and y'all it was the cutest thing. cause i saw him, but he hadnt seen me yet, i was standing like 5 feet from him talking to some friends, and i could see him out of the corner of my eye, and when he realized i was standing there, it was like his whole face just lit up, and he broke into this huge grin. but.. me.. always the hardass, just half-smiled and said "hi how are you" and went back to my conversation. he got up out of his chair, walked the 10 steps over to me, grabs me in this big bear hug and was like "i am SO glad to see you". he went on and on about how much he missed me etc etc etc, all my friends were laughin at him. he walked away and so did we, but when i walked back over in that direction (he was at the bar, ok, i had no choice) he grabs my hand and starts introducing me to everyone he was with. they were all gawking at me which was a little annoying, but whatever! :) so i went to walk away again, and he caught my hand, and i said "i'll be back" and i went over and spoke to a friend and came right back, and he just started beaming when i walked back up. it was the weirdest thing.

anyway, he spent the majority of the time i was there with his arm around me like a pit bull guarding a ribeye. I ended up being suckered/tricked into driving him home and staying until he fell asleep... and that was pretty much my night.

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