Sunday, December 10, 2006


OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK. so married/not married guy totally messaged me outta the blue today, and I was kinda rude to him. THEN, he invites me to a BBQ he is having when he gets back to town in January. I told him I didnt think that was a good idea, and he actually said "why"? HELLO?!?!?!?!?! what the freakin fuck?! he was bein all nice and "I miss you" and shit. yeah, well, too fucking bad asshole! ooh he's making me CUSS. how ridiculous is this entire situation already? and now he wants to further complicate it by asking me to come hang out with him? um, can we say hell no?!?! and then he tells me he's inviting my friend lexi and her husband. which, he sorta knows her husband, but it was like that was supposed to make me wanna come?!?! how bout STILL NO asshat.
boys arent that stupid right? he's not dumb enough to think that I am that dumb is he? seriously? And I was being hateful to him. I even point blank said "why the F are you talkin to me" and he's all "well why not, I thought we were friends". yeah, whatever.
he took me off his myspace list, and I sent him a yahoo message telling him (basically) that I didnt want to talk to him anymore. so out of the blue, now, he's messaging me? WTF eeeevvvveeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! why am I so annoyed by this? why does it piss me off so bad? i was being as mean as i could and he was all "yay, we're friends". PUKE. he even told me that he's missed talking to me. fuckstick... like I freakin care... so, whatever it is that he's up to... I didnt fall for it... so he can just GO TO HELL.

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missy said...

you're annoyed because you made the decision to trust him and he lied to you... and trust is not something you do easily. and everytime you do, it turns out to be a mistake. you will find someone to trust... just wait.