Monday, July 31, 2006


Picked this up somewhere or the other....I've seen several variations the last couple days so I just picked a few and went with it.... hey, I had to post something right? lol

5 things...

In my fridge.
1) Olives
2) Diet Coke
3) Orange Juice
4) PB&J
5) leftovers that prolly shouldnt be

In my closet.
1) Clothes...
2) Tons of Shoes
3) 2 wedding dresses
4) Boxes of pictures
5) Body sprays/lotions etc (its a big closet, ok)

In my car.
1) carseats
2) today's mail
3) cell phone charger
4) umbrella
5) chg of clothes for the lil one (just in case)

In my purse.
1) L'ancome lip moisturizer
2) various makeup
3) Cell Phone
4) Keys
5) gum/mints/candy (keeps kids quiet in

In my DVD collection
1) My Best Friends Wedding
2) How to lost a Guy in Ten Days
3) In Her Shoes
4) Just Like Heaven
5) Notting Hill

In My CD Collection
1) Carrie Underwood
2) Kenny Chesney
3) Sara McLachlan
4) Keith Urban
5) SheDaisy


carla said...

5 is fun... lol

missy said...

awww these are great, i'm stealin!