Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In case you couldnt tell....I didnt go to work today. I'm not sure my title is gramatically correct, so bite me! I was so very nauseous this morning that I thought I might die, so I called in sick. Then, I got to feeling better, and called to tell them I was coming, and they told me to keep my cooties at home. lol So...I sat at home and I painted my porch some more. I'm so very proud of myself. Have I bragged yet? NO? OK!Saturday, I rescreened my entire 200+ sqft porch by myself... I bought a roll of screen and my mom held it while I measured it to cut, and the rest of it I pretty much did alone. So, I rescreened the porch, put up lattice, put up siding, and then painted the inside. I painted it a pale yellow, and today I did all the white trim. I'm going to tear up the indoor/outdoor carpet and paint the concrete slab floor. Not sure what color would look good...open to suggestions.Anyway, enough bragging, although I am terribly proud of myself! :) So goodnight all.

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carla said...

welcome back. missed ya. glad to see you writing again. i still go back to your old blog and read the posts just to revel in the eloquence. lol